Crash Course Introduction to Photography with master photographer, Don Sparks

Crash Course Description:

Meet with Fulltime Professional Photographer, Don Sparks, in his Atlanta Photo Studio for a 3 Hour Crash Course on how to operate your camera and techniques to compose and create better photos. This is a fun and informative “Beginners” Introduction to Photography. Don will reveal the mysteries of when and how to use your camera settings including Aperture, Shutter Speeds, Shooting Modes, ISO, and RAW vs Jpeg capture. Later in the class we’ll talk a lot about Manual Focus vs. Auto Focus and ways to guarantee you get sharper images (the number one problem for all photographers). In addition to improving your camera skills Don will explain how to frame your subjects for more powerful Compositions and also how to use “visual design elements” to create, and capture more breathtaking photographs.

Photography is both an art and a science. It’s also complicated and overwhelming for most newbie photographers. Coming to an actual Commercial Photo Studio and receiving personal instruction from a professional photographer is the perfect way to quickly gain experience and understanding of photography.

This class is for anyone serious about wanting to create better photos. It doesn’t matter if you just took your new camera out of the box or have been clicking photos for years – you are guaranteed to walk away from this workshop a better photographer.

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